Our Products

Our products include more than 100 kinds of pasta and special formulas for private label and ingredient clients. Our concentration is on providing our customers with the best pasta, made of best quality semolina derived from the best durum wheat. The durum wheat we use is cultivated with the most advanced technologies from thousands of years old golden fields of Anatolia. The wheater is the symbol of Anatolia's fertile land. The precious product is milled, shaped and packed at our modern facilities for the best pasta that suits your health and taste.

Foodservice Industry

Our proven quality has made Amphora one of the most preferred providers for the foodservice industry. "Pasta at its best" is chosen by a significant number of chains, restaurants and catering companies for its quality, healthiness and variety of options. Better resistance to overcooking and resilience to deformation, coupled with your creative recipes, leads to picturesque plates with even better taste. Customer satisfaction is sure to follow the serving of this vivacious and delicious pasta.

Private Label Pasta for Retail

In the retail sector, we focus on increasing your sales and profit with your brand pasta. Our research and development team is at your service to develop special formulas for better satisfaction of your customers. On the other hand, our sales and marketing team will provide assistance in developing profitable programs for your chain. Our wide range of products can be offered in a variety of packaging options of various sizes. Please contact to get more information about special launch and/or promotional arrangements.

About Amphora

Your Source for Premium Pasta...

Amphora were the means of carrying vital and precious foods in ancient times. We have particularly chosen this name for our company that aims at providing its customers with the best quality foods.

Preserving essential nutrition and “all natural” ingredients after production is vital for safe keeping perishables during storage and delivery.